Secure Document Management, Collaboration and Sharing

NaviGate™ is more than a document management system; but, at its core, the system provides secure, online access to important documents, such as policies, procedures, floor plans, maps and compliance documents.

With NaviGate, users can create, store, edit and add to existing documents – and with permissions set at the document level, access control is guaranteed, ensuring that the latest version is instantly accessible by all involved.

NaviGate’s document management system is user-friendly, providing:

  • Real-time editing and electronic distribution
  • Ability to create document teams and assign ownership of documents
  • Automated version control to track changes and versions over time
  • Automated distribution of changes and updates

You can manage all this information from any device that connects to the Internet and you determine who has permission to access or edit this information so you know it is always secure. The NaviGate Mobile Application also allows users to access any of their stored documents directly from a web-enabled phone or tablet!

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