Emergency Planning, Preparation and Response

In an emergency, time is measured in seconds and not minutes. Providing secure, remote access to critical information can help first responders and authorized staff be better prepared to act quickly and can be the difference between life and death.

Critical information in emergency situations can include:

  • Site plans and floor plans, including hazardous material locations
  • Emergency protocols, call lists and shut-down instructions
  • Shut-down, lock-out/tag-out and rescue procedures
  • Evacuation and shelter procedures
  • Live video and audio files
  • Photographs
  • Access to the latest material with secure document management

Because it is web-based and information is stored at redundant locations through the U.S., NaviGate allows first responders and personnel to view and collaborate on your plan – anytime, from anywhere – before or during an emergency. They know what to expect before they even arrive at the scene, and you know your critical information will be readily available – even during a disaster. The NaviGate Mobile Application allows users to access any existing documents, floor plans or camera links on a web-enabled phone or tablet. 

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