Manage Your Critical Inventory, Assets and Resources with NaviGate™ CIS

Track and Report Critical Inventory, Supplies, Consumables and Equipment


Manage your critical inventory, supplies, consumables and equipment –  anytime, anywhere –  with NaviGate CIS, a Critical Inventory System specifically designed for hospitals and emergency preparedness organizations. NaviGate CIS provides roll-based access with real-time tracking and reporting during daily operations or during an emergency. Easily track items and their details across multiple sites including, locations, expirations, inspections, grants and check-in/check-out histories. 


Key Benefits:

Web-based access - anytime, anywhere

• Location mapping

• Real-time tracking of supplies 

• Multi-facility management

• Grant reporting

• Check-in/check-out 

• Expiration tracking and replenishment

• Inspection Scheduling

• Actionable reports

• Eliminate paper systems

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