Launch Your Critical Inventory Management in the Cloud

Oct. 03, 2012

NaviGate™ by Lauren Innovations helps healthcare facilities manage critical inventory, even when other systems fail 

NEW PHILADELPHIA, OH – September 03, 2012 – Managing and tracking emergency response inventory, such as supplies, consumables and equipment, are vital during disasters or adverse events that require real-time information. Knowing what you have and where it’s located can make the difference between life and death. To help organizations prepare for these critical situations, Lauren Innovations – developer of solutions that contribute to a safer, healthier and more secure world – has added new inventory management capabilities to its NaviGate™ suite of tools.

NaviGate Critical Inventory System by Lauren Innovations is an essential tool for healthcare and emergency preparedness facilities to help track, access, share and report on critical inventory, assets and resources from receipt to disposal – every day, and in times of crisis. Because NaviGate is a web-based platform hosted on redundant, secure servers across the country, up-to-date information is accessible anytime from anywhere by those who need it. The unique inventory tracking features of the solution also track funding sources associated with specific items, helping administrators manage the complex process of grant-tracking.

“The new critical inventory management capabilities have been added along with NaviGate’s suite of emergency management, incident management, learning management and document management tools,” said Bennett Fierman, Ph.D., president of Lauren Innovations. “With the ability to easily track and report on critical information, from maintenance logs and expiration dates to grant budgets and inventory levels, healthcare organizations can streamline their operations and know their information is readily available and up to date when it’s needed.”

While its uses are infinite, some of the key areas in which NaviGate can help improve efficiencies, compliance and emergency response include:

Critical inventory management

With NaviGate, users can easily track and move items and their details across multiple sites, including check-in and check-out histories of inventory and location mapping. Inspection and maintenance on equipment and other items can also be managed through NaviGate.


One of the primary benefits of NaviGate is the ability to log and track grant funds awarded to the organization and associate them with specific items, allowing users to monitor inventory by grant. Reports can be automated or generated as needed based on the funding source.

Expiration tracking

With NaviGate, users can organize items by their expiration date and dollar value, allowing health organizations to repurpose items for general circulation or donations. This function can also help plan replenishment of stock and predict upcoming costs. 

Emergency preparedness

Because it is web-based, NaviGate is always accessible, helping healthcare organizations be prepared for weather-related outages, regional response, pandemics or other public health emergencies by allowing access to real-time inventory levels. 


Users can create an unlimited number of reports that provide actionable data for managing inventory levels and improving processes. All reports can be automated to recur on specific days or times.

The NaviGate Suite

By integrating document, learning, incident, emergency, and now inventory management into one, easy-to-use system, NaviGate provides intelligent action – anytime from anywhere.

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About NaviGate™ by Lauren Innovations

NaviGate™ by Lauren Innovations is a highly secure, web-based system that can be used by any organization to collect, manage, and apply their unique essential information through integrated document, inventory, incident, and learning management functions. Through controlled, role- and permission-based access, NaviGate optimizes daily operations and emergency response, with secure, instant access to information at anytime, from anywhere. Based on its proven effectiveness, NaviGate has received SAFETY Act Designation from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, exceeded expectations in all critical areas as evaluated by The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4)

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